Land Acquisition


The UIOW has developed an inclusive economic development framework that expands the ability of people, places, and businesses to contribute to equitable prosperity, so that all are able to thrive. Our work creates accessible opportunities for people to find jobs that increase their income and assets, and at the same time, it grows businesses and rebuilds neighborhood economies through integrated strategies that develops talents, districts, and businesses. 

The UIOW Coalition prides itself on building communities and establishing relationships. We employ unique and practical ways to engage communities, by providing them the essential tools needed to revitalize under-served communities.

When it comes down to neighborhoods, it is our belief that we are the stewards of the places in which we live. Revitalization must and should come from within, which is why we believe in equipping residents and community members with the knowledge needed  to build their own homes, and be proud doing it.

The UIOW strives to be the definition of Community revitalization by being a great steward over the place in which we live. It only takes one person to care, to pick up that one piece of trash, and to organize their neighbors to be the best they can be. Through the actions of one, we can bring the change to many.

The UIOW encourages personal and authentic relationships with those we call neighbors. Community Revitalization goes beyond building a beautiful community from just the outside, it builds upon the fabrics that creates a strong network of individuals, so that the most important part of community revitalization can begin.

Community Engagement


It is always a pleasure to serve those who need help the most. Our goal every year is to select one senior from our community, and begin to be a blessing to them in any way they need. Whether that is cleaning out a garage, or mowing their lawns through the summer, or painting a porch. Our team of young men appreciate the community, so we give back whenever and where ever we can.


It is our goal to establish directs relationship with skilled and knowledgeable Community Based Organizations. We aim to partner with such Organizations to begin to build the framework for community relations and involvement.


We agree to allow community members within the specified neighborhoods full and complete access to all opportunities we provide! We believe that “If you give a man a fish, he will eat for that day, but if you teach that man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime.” Our Concept is no different when it comes to affordable, quality homes and neighborhoods. “If we simply place beautiful homes within neighborhoods, it will last for that moment. If we are allowed to teach HOW to build quality homes, we can build for a lifetime”


Our goal is to Equip our Community Based Organizations with resources to allocate Community Champions to work hand in hand with the youth to help foster the completion of the program.

“Community Education is key, but Community Cooperation is imperative. ” ~ Deyron Tabb

Youth Development

Youth development within the UIOW Coalition Exist under the umbrella of the Western New York Young Achievers Award Inc. The primary goal for the Western New York Young Achievers Award Inc is to empower students and former students (the Students) in the Western New York Region, fostering and refining unique and exemplary skills, attributes, expanding social, academic, and economic opportunities. Our goal is to provide  resources and opportunities of personal development to students within the Western New York Region who primarily identify as members of minority groups and frequently live in poverty and or low-income households.



We promote and provide opportunities and activities for Students through-out the Western New York Region through direct and indirect financial assistance, and recognize, acknowledge, and promote friendly competition among Students through-out the Western New York Region with regards to academic, athletic, artistic, social accomplishments, and entrepreneurial aspirations by recognizing such accomplishments through ceremonies, media, and both financial and non-financial awards. 



Our mission is to promote the social welfare of the Students through-out the Western New York Region and lessen tensions by advocating on behalf students, as well as educating and empowering students to participate, engage and organize for neighborhood issues and other urban issues, and by establishing and maintaining effective communication as liaison between Students in the City and local governments, governmental agencies and departments, charitable organizations and other organizations that provide or could provide services.



We publicly advocate for, foster and promote community-wide interest and concern for the problems of low-income Students through-out the Western New York Region to expand economic opportunities and to lessen or eliminate the factors which impede economic opportunity, such as sickness, crime, poverty, environmental degradation, poor education, racial tension, prejudice and discrimination, economic or otherwise, may be lessened or eliminated.