It is always a pleasure to serve those who need help the most. Our goal every year is to select one senior from our community, and begin to be a blessing to them in any way they need. Whether that is cleaning out a garage, or mowing their lawns through the summer, or painting a porch. Our team of young men appreciate the community, so we give back whenever and where ever we can.


It is our goal to establish directs relationship with skilled and knowledgeable Community Based Organizations. We aim to partner with such Organizations to begin to build the framework for community relations and involvement.


We agree to allow community members within the specified neighborhoods full and complete access to all opportunities we provide! We believe that “If you give a man a fish, he will eat for that day, but if you teach that man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime.” Our Concept is no different when it comes to affordable, quality homes and neighborhoods. “If we simply place beautiful homes within neighborhoods, it will last for that moment. If we are allowed to teach HOW to build quality homes, we can build for a lifetime”


Our goal is to Equip our Community Based Organizations with resources to allocate Community Champions to work hand in hand with the youth to help foster the completion of the program.

“Community Education is key, but Community Cooperation is imperative. ” ~ Deyron Tabb