It is our great joy and pleasure to work with Buffalo’s most transformative and creative leaders to assist in building our community, grass roots style! We understand that in order to have a beautiful community, we as its citizens have to roll up our sleeves, and continue to make it as stunning as we all imagine! Every year the U.I.O.W. is committed to several projects throughout the City of Buffalo. Our Goal is to help transform the lives of everyday citizens, and continue to beautify the places we all call home.


The U.I.O.W. Coalition understands in the power of collective economics, and what it has the potential to do for our community. In a City such as Buffalo where we have 260,000+ residents, our goal is to find 90 members who can all agree to a $20 a week pledge for 5 weeks, or a one time donation of $100 to make this happen! If less than .035% of the total population of our city can make a statement on how Community Buying Power is sustainable and obtainable, we can do something that can be replicated time and time again!



If we are to analyze what can happen, and how minimal the contribution amount per person would be, we truly could begin to come together to re-imagine what it is that our community is, and has the potential to look like. The Economic breakdown for what would be possible, and necessary from each member would look:

65 people X $100 = $6,500 total!!

That is $20 per week per person / $2.85 a day / or a one time donation of $100



This year it is our great pleasure to roll out our biggest project yet! This year we will be collectively working with our donor members, and community groups to assist the Masten 24 District by investing within our community! We are ready to assist the community within the following ways;


Snow Shoveling Services (completed!)

This year we have agreed as a community to assist our seniors, elders, men and women with disabilities with a comprehensive snow shoveling service. Made possible exclusively from the contributions of our working members. Our targeted area of focus will be the Masten 24 Zone within the neighborhood of Hamlin Park, in the Masten District. This will be an exclusive service where we will assist up to 40 seniors with the snow removal services for their property, extending from the back entrance of the property to the front entrance, a path for garbage totes, and the sidewalk within the front of their home! For eligible individuals we ask to simply call or email us, to see if you quality!




$1600 in Beautification Endeavors

Currently within this neighborhood there are 13 planters which keep this wonderful area looking as amazing as we all know it to be. Each year, it has been the labor of love from the community to replant them with the most spectacular annuals some have ever seen. To continue to give the neighborhood the pop that it deserves, it is our goal to work with master gardeners within the community and local vendors to supply all the flowers and material needed to replant each one of the planters, while also maintaining the watering of them throughout the summer.


Collaboration between Buffalo Summer Youth

With the on-going participation and collaboration of the City of Buffalo’s Summer Youth Program, we intend to work with the local organizations to facilitate a pipeline for youth to become the stewards within our community for the duration of the summer. In times past we have worked with various organization and partnered with the City of Buffalo to help with the stewardship of our communities. It is our goal this year to continue that partnership, and keep our neighborhoods clean again. With the help of the Summer Youth Program from the City of Buffalo we intend of providing 5 positions for “Community Champions”. These Champions will be in charge of keeping our neighborhood clean and presentable. It will be the tasks of our Community Champions under the direction of their primary supervisor to make sure our parks are clean of debris, our curbs and streets are free to garbage, our vacant lots aren’t filled with trash, and that our seniors and disabled citizens are taken care of. They will also be in change of passing out any literature that is pertaining to community events for the neighborhood, and participating within and community led discussions or block club meetings.



$1,600 for Youth Business Pitch

Working with Buffalo’s most transformative leaders and business Women and Men, we aim to create a pipeline for young aspiring entrepreneurs to obtain an economic boost for the business they have already launched or will launch within the future. The Goal of the Youth Business Pitch is to work with our local business owners and perform a community business pitch for Aspiring youth and young individuals. For those who have already started the process of creating a business and establishing it, this is an opportunity for you to enter in to win a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place price to help stimulate your already established Business. This is not exclusive to individuals who have already established a business, but for those who have amazing business ideas and possibly could use seed money to fund the endeavor. The idea is simple; for those interested in applying simply visit our webpage and email us at with the following information.


    1. First and Last Name of applicant pitching
    2. Business Name
    3. Business type and field of service
    4. When Business was/projected to be established
    5. 400 words on why you believe you should be considered as a candidate to pitch

How the Pitch will operate:

The Pitch will operate within the following way

    • Each Contestant will have Exactly 2 Minutes to give their best pitch and understanding of the business in which they are promoting and building.
    • The contestant is advised to create anything necessary to help facilitate their conversation and grab the judges and audiences attention on their business.
          • Powerpoint presentations
          • Props
          • Slide shows
          • Data
          • etc…
    • The contestant is to give the best pitch possible that can describe the following items for their business.
          • Product / Service
          • Feasibility of success of business
          • Market Analysis
          • 6 Month / 1 year / 5 year goals and projections
          • Ways this will better / help Our Community



Winners will receive:

1st – $700 / 2nd – $500 / 3rd – $300 / 4th – $100





$2,000 in Exterior Home Improvement Projects

Alongside making the planters look beautiful, we understand that as a community we must all pitch in to keep our neighborhood looking pristine and beautiful. This is why we are offering 5 lucky individuals to enter their home and one exterior renovation and or beautification project that that would love to complete on their home for a chance to win a $400 credit towards their project! This can be inclusive of gardening, exterior repairs, painting, trim, or any job that qualifies within the City of Buffalo’s codes and the Historic Preservation guidelines for the neighborhood. To apply simply email us as Eligibility guidelines are as follows:


  • Must be an active member of the local Block Club (Hamlin Park Community Tax Payers Association)
  • Must show proof of ownership of your residence, or provide information of owner of residence
  • Must submit in writing the intended improvements that will be made to the house
  • If self performing work, must submit cost for project. First $400 will be paid by grant
  • Must provide a written estimate from a Licensed and Insured contractor for work being performed.
  • (If applicable) Must show proof of local building permit.

Our objectives are very clear: