It is our great joy and pleasure to work with Buffalo’s most transformative and creative leaders to assist in building our community, grass roots style! We understand that in order to have a beautiful community, we as its citizens have to roll up our sleeves, and continue to make it as stunning as we all imagine! Every year the U.I.O.W. is committed to several projects throughout the City of Buffalo. Our Goal is to help transform the lives of everyday citizens, and continue to beautify the places we all call home.






It is now that time of year again! Each Year De’yron Tabb rolls up his sleeves and helps the community our by leading a community clean up for the Masten 24 Zone and district. This year will be like every other! Working with beautiful residents, homeowners, neighbors, and organizations, we will work towards beautifying our community one more time!



Some of the important details to mention would be:

      • The Community Clean up will be held Saturday April 10th 2021 starting at 9am and lasting until 12pm.
      • Water will be provided for any and all volunteers (if wanted)
      • New Gloves will be provided for those whom may need any
      • Limited supply of devices to assist in cleaning up debris will be provided (first come first serve)
      • Food will not be provided due to COVID 19.


The details of the event are as followed:


      • Participants will Meet at 183 Florida Street Buffalo NY 14208 at exactly 9am.
      • Once registered and signed in participants will receive any PPE that is necessary to perform the tasks associated with the clean up.
      • Teams of people will be broken up and we will tackle specific areas of the community and work in unison to clean and beautify the neighborhood.
      • All Debris will be collected at the designated pick up spots and will be handled by COB officials for trash pick up.
      • The Main streets and areas of coverage will include and be limited to;
        • Florida street (Main to Humboldt)
        • Delevan street (Jefferson to Humboldt)
        • Beverly Road
        • Northland ave (Main to Humboldt)
      • Small Side streets will include
        • Elton
        • Victor
        • Pleasant
        • Hagar
        • Pansy
        • Viola
        • Daisy
        • Regina
        • Mohican




For more information please feel free to email us at, and if needed please contact us at 716-939-1665 for any and all questions comments of concerns. 

We hope and pray for you to be able to join us on our clean up!!!! We look forward to seeing you April 10th at 9am sharp!!!!